Memorials and Remembering your Baby
Memorials and Remembering your Baby

Many of our members find that collecting or creating keepsakes does provide comfort and helps you remind you of your baby in the years to come.

Photographs and Keepsakes

If you have a photograph of your baby you may not choose to display it in a place where other people can see it, its entirely personal.  It may be in a book or a memory card that you take out every so often. 

You could create a memories box  which could contain your scan pictures, an article of clothing that your baby may have worn,  letters  you may have been sent, a toy that might have been bought for your baby.

Some of our parents have got tattoos in memory of their babies.

If you have a garden you could plant a tree or a rose in memory of your baby.

You could have a painting or pencil/charcoal sketch done of your baby from photos.  You could find a local artist or alternatively National Sands has connections with an artist called Sue Fernandes (for details call National Sands 020 7436 79400) this doesn't have to be expensive and can be a source of comfort.

Detailed below are companies that specialise in creating memorials:

Alexandra's Angel Gifts produce unique memorials for babies -

Small Prints create tiny  hand and footprints on  silver jewellery-

Rainbow Memorials who specialise in producing headstones and memorials for children -


Some parents have written poems about their babies, others have found it helps to simply write down how they are feeling.  Sands trustee Mario De Clemente wrote a diary of the year are his son Leo's death called     Living with Leo (on sale on the uk-sands website).   You may want to write a diary or a letter to your child it doesn't have to end up as a book.  You may want to write down your experience and have it published on this website.


Your first anniversary is probably one of the hardest, however everybody deals with anniversaries in many ways. Here are some of the ways that members of our Group  remember their anniversaries;

Some take the day of work and go to visit their baby's gravestone - they take flowers, birthday cake, have other members of the family join them and have a balloon release.

If they have older children they plan special days out.

Some don't want to make anniversaries any different from any other day.

The one thing that always comes over loud and clear is that you  do whatever you feel you want to do not what you think you should do.

Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas can be some of the hardest times for grieving parents as  these are days when we traditionally think of children and family.  Christmas can be especially difficult and Northamptonshire Sands holds a Christmas Tree Service every year where families come and bring christmas decorations to place on the tree in memory of their babies.  Dates of the service will be entered on the website.  Sands also hold Lights of Love carol services and details of these can be found on

Some of our parents buy Christmas decorations for their baby's each year and place them on their own Christmas tree in memory.

Memorials of Remembrance

Northamptonshire Sands holds an Annual Remembrance Service in May each year.  At the service we light candles in remembrance of our babies. Details of date and venue is given on the Forthcoming Events page.

We also hold a Christmas Tree Service in December each year. At this service you are invited to bring a decoration to hang on our Christmas Tree. Again details of the date and venue is given on the Forthcoming Events Page.