Details of Events held by Northamptonshire Sands - the pictures from these events can be viewed on the Gallery Page on this site.

We held our annual service on Sunday 15th December and as always it is lovely to see you all our dear friends. As you know we had outgrown our previous venue and as we had to move to a larger one we were concerned that we might lose that special feeling we need for our service, but we are pleased to say that from comments we received the venue was perfect, so much so that we have already booked it for the Christmas Service 2014. We are very grateful that the school left their christmas tree for us as it was over 12 feet high and looked beautiful when adorned with your special decorations and it was a very poignant moment for us all when we played 'our song' and the tree was in the spotlight. We didnt manage to count you all be we estimated that over 350 of you came this year.


We are very pleased to let you know that the 2 headstones we recently commissioned for the early loss graves at Kingsthorpe Cemetery have now been fitted. Pictures will be placed in the gallery shortly


This year it was decided to hold our event in Abington Park, it was a large area, central with a cafe and childrens play area, also the bandstand which we booked to allow us to play 'our song'. The weather was glorious, the sun was shining and about 2000 other people also decided to come to the park. There were various issues - the main one being a band was playing when we arrived and knew nothing of out booking. Our grateful thanks goes to one of dads Martin who managed to persuade the Tea Rooms to allow us electricity so that we could play 'our song' as the balloons were released. It was lovely to see so many of you with your families enjoying the day and watching the balloons go skyward, it is always a very poignant moment and we know just how much it means to you.


The garden is now complete as you can see from the pictures and we are please to tell you that it is looking good. The specially commissioned bench was installed in October and there is a picture of this on the gallery section. We are so pleased that we were able to have this garden as we know from the feedback we have received from parents how important this space is. So a very big thank you to all our fundraisers, without your support this would not have been possible.


Once again this year we held the service in June to coincide with Sands Baby Loss Awareness month, we were amazed we had 80 of you our dear friends attend. Unfortunately no one told us that there would be 2 mini marathons in the Park that day which meant that the road was closed which posed a problem. We would like to thank Curtis one of our Dads who cam to the rescue and arranged free parking for us. This is a very special service for us which has been going for many years now and is a chance to remember your child by name, light a candle and spend a quiet time of reflection, with the support and company of other bereaved parents.


We held our annual service on 16th December and it is lovely to welcome you our friends to this service. We bought an even bigger tree this year and it was still covered in the beautiful decorations that you adorn it with in memory of your little ones. There was over 330 of you who came to remember your babies - the numbers keep growing each year.


One very damp Saturday morning in June Maggie, Viv and their partners and a group of dads tackled the wilderness that is to be our garden. It is a temporary measure until the Landscape Gardener can start and he very kindly gave us 2 ton of gravel etc so set to work we did as you can see from the pictures. Update on the garden as of 8th February is that the actual landscaping work will be taking place shortly and of course once its completed we will put the pictures on the website.


Phillip Hollobone the MP for Kettering performed the opening ceremony of the Kettering Room. The refurbishment of this room was supported by the Edith Taylor Trust and The Friends of Kettering Hospital who we were pleased to welcome to the official opening. As you will see from the pictures both Kettering and Northampton rooms are furnished in a similar manner and the feedback we have had from parents has been very positive. They have said that the rooms felt calm and gave them privacy.


After what has seemed like an eternity our Snowdrop Suite is now finished and we had the official opening on 27th April. We were very pleased to welcome Andrea Leadsom -MP for South Northamptonshire who performed the opening ceremony. She showed great interest in what we have achieved in Northampton with the help of our parents and has offered her support for the future.


Mark and his family and friends decided to travel from John O'Groats to Lands End on Monkey Bikes in memory of his baby daughter Emmie. Monkey Bikes are small low powered motorcycles with a wheel size of around 8". Quite how they managed to travel that far on bikes that small we will never know and I don't suppose they will either. But what an amazing feat and well done to all of them as you can see in the photos they are still smiling.


We held our annual picnic and balloon release in Delapre Abbey this year and it was lovely to see so many of you come. Unfortunately the weather wasn't particularly kind to us but we managed to send our balloons up before the rain came. As always it is very emotional and poignant as we watch the balloons go ever higher in the sky.


Craig who you will have noted has taken part in various runs in memory of his son Charlie decided that this year he would challenge himself and run 3 marathons in 3 countries to celebrate Charlie's 3rd birthday.
The weather for the Cardiff marathon was kind to him but not the Milton Keynes. Maggie & Viv went to cheer him on at Milton Keynes on what was said as being the coldest and wettest day - we don't know how he did it. However in Edinburgh he had the other extreme - heat! Having spoken to Craig he says his marathon days are over but what an achievement.


Lee Marshall took part in the London Marathon in memory of his 3 babies - angel, baby & little one. Well done Lee looking at the pictures it looks like Effy enjoyed the medal!!


Once again our service was held at the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Abington however this year we decided to hold the service in June to tie in with National Sands awareness month. It was lovely to see you our dear friends and sadly the numbers seem to grow each year. One of our dads Ben read a letter to his daughter Everlyn which moved us to tears.


On February 11th we held our 2nd Valentines Day Ball which was a marvellous evening, attended by 170 beautifully dressed people, and that was just the men. We were entertained by three good looking guys who had every table singing whilst pretending to be waiters. The auction and raffle had the most amazing prizes including a Disneyworld Florida Villa for four lucky folk. We danced into the night and managed to raise an amazing 4800 which is astonishing in this current economic climate.

This money has been earmarked for a patio garden outside the new Snowdrop Bereavement Suite. We all felt that an unused area outside could be utilised where parents and families can sit outside in privacy and have a place of quietness.

Special thanks to the events team - Becky, Hayley, Sarah & Tina


Due to the large amount of families who have been attending our service over the years we had to have the service at a change of venue. Unfortunately our lovely church in Kingsthorpe could not handle the growing numbers and due to fire risk we had to change. With some trepidation we were offered the Malcolm Arnold Academy Concert Hall, which looked enormous when we first saw it and we had doubts as to whether is was going to be suitable, however on the day our doubts were unfounded and almost every seat was taken, which was nearly 300 people.

It is quite overwhelming to stand out in front and look out over all those faces that we have come to regard as friends over the years and remember why we are there. The Christmas Tree had got taller and fuller with all the beautiful and heart stopping ornaments that are placed on it, reminding us of the loss of that little person and allowing us to share in a very special moment during a time of festivity when others forget what your loss means to you.


As Craig & Sean decided to take part in the Northampton Fun Run in October we thought that we would also have a stand to raise awareness of Northamptonshire Sands. Weather always seem to be a common theme but the heat on the day they ran was incredible for October - over 30c. But our supporters are brave and hardy and they managed to complete the course although time wasn't an issue! Well done to you both.


Shaun Carter supported by his friends decided to run the Loch Ness Marathon on 2nd October in memory of his precious son Harry. It was very hilly and very rough going but thinking of his son helped him through the tough bits and they all made it. Well done and our grateful thanks for your support.


This is becoming an annual event for our parents and this year saw Craig, Hayley & Dean, Roy and his sister and nephew all running for Northamptonshire Sands. The discussion prior to the start centred around how much training had taken place in the preceding weeks to which Roy's comment was - how about the day before!! The weather was kind to them - not too hot nor cold so all finished and were still smiling at the end. However Hayley & Dean stated never again! Thank you one and all we don't know how you do it. You may remember that in 2010 Maggie & Viv said they would walk it - Maggie was on holiday (good excuse) and Viv couldn't walk it on her own could she!


On Sunday 31st July we held our annual BBQ & balloon release. Once again we had a beautiful warm sunny day and it was a delight to see so many of you, past and present members chatting and enjoying yourselves. A lot of folk did ask what had happened to the cake stall though!! The highlight of the afternoon was of course the balloon release and once again it was a very emotional and moving moment watching the balloons drift slowly up into the clouds. The music chosen for the release was 'In the arms of an angel' by Sarah McLachlan, many of you said how beautiful it was and how it perfectly matched the moment, so it has been decided that this will be 'our' song. Once again many thanks to the Marriott Hotel for providing the use of the services free of charge and to you all our dear friends for supporting us.


We thought that we should try to raise awareness of Northamptonshire Sands so we decided to have a stall at the carnival. As is usual in this country the weather was not kind to us and initially we had problems keeping our stall dry but then suddenly the sun came out and everything was well. We held a tomobola which attracted attention to our stand which then gave us the chance to tell people about Sands and the work that we do. We all felt it was a successful afternoon and our skills at cajoling people to part with their money had to be seen to be believed.


Once again we held our annual service at the Church of St Peter & St Paul on 22nd May. The numbers of you, our friends who come to remember your little ones seems to grow each year. As always it is a very special service but this year one of our fathers Craig read a letter to his son Charlie who would have been 2 years old on 22nd May. We were all moved.


We held our annual Xmas Tree Service on Sunday on 12th December 2010. Before the service we reflected how the time has flown. At the first one there was around 12 of us standing in Kingsthorpe Cemetery in the rain, holding lanterns and singing carols. This year over 250 of you our friends came to join us. We know how special we feel the Xmas Service is and speaking to you on the Sunday you obviously all feel the same. Thank you so much for coming.


Once again Roy took part in the fun run. It is a particularly poignant time for Roy & Jane as the run is near Millie's birthday.


It was suggested some months ago by one of our fathers that it would be good to put a Sands team in the annual Dragon Boat Race which is held in Northampton, so on Sunday 18th July 11 brave souls took to the river hoping above hope that they wouldn't fall in and that they wouldn't be last. As it was they came a very respectable 18th out of 36 which for a first attempt is excellent. Family and friends came to support them and everybody has said what a great time they had. It was muted that they do it again next year!!!


We decided to hold another Family Fun day this year and throughout all the planning we hoped that the weather would be kinder to us then last year when it rained non stop the whole time. We were in luck as the weather was absolutely glorious - perhaps even a bit too glorious - it was the hottest day of the year so far. As well as having various stalls,face painter, a tiny tots play area, live music and a reptile display, we had planned to organise traditional games - sack race, 3 legged race, tug of war etc but general concensus was that it was just too hot! We also had one further problem as although we had planned the day not to clash with any local events it was the afternoon that England played Germany in the world cup!! Fortunately we have very good helpers, friends and supporters, we had an amazing turnout and raised just under 500, so thank you one and all.

We held out first ever balloon release at the fun day and we were all moved as we saw our balloons flying free and high in the sky. It was a poignant moment for us all.


We held our annual May service on 16th May 2010 at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Abington, Northampton. It was good to see so many of you there. As we have all said in the past this service gives us a chance to get together with other parents and to take time out of our busy lives and remember our precious babies.

We would also like to say thank you to you our friends, we have received some lovely comments from you following our service. We think the one that sums it up best is the parent that said ' its the best one i've been to you got it just right'.


We held our first ever charity ball on 6th February 2010 at the Marriott Hotel in Northampton. It was a sell out and 180 guests enjoyed a 3 course meal, live entertainment by Ricky Swann with surprise guests the 'Singing Waiters' who entertained us with popular and classical arias.

During the evening we held a raffle and auction and due to the generousity of our guests raised a tremendous amount of money. Thank you one and all. We would also like to express our thanks to our sponsors for their invaluable support. Details of our sponsors is attached. Click here to download this file


We held our annual christmas tree service on Sunday 13th December and would like to say thank you for coming it was good that so many of you could make it. We think we exceeded last years total of 200 attending. The local paper reported the event and gave us good coverage. We would like to thank Craig and Tina for telling their stories. See attached news reportClick here to download this file


We would like to say a big thank you to our runners at this event - 7 of you ran to support us - Andy, Martine and daughters Dallas and Devon in memory of Sky, Roy in memory of Millie, Helen in memory of Elise and Craig in memory of Charlie. It was a lovely sunny day which was good for the spectators but not so for the runners so well done to you all. Just to let you know Maggie and Viv have said that they will walk it next year!!


Our first ever event was a family fun day held at the Hungry Horse Pub at Sixfields, Northampton. Unfortunately the weather couldn't have been worse as it rained all day with no respite. We had several inflatable games, face painting, live groups and a bungee jump. Despite the awful weather some hardy souls turned up to give us their support and we managed to raise 647 on the day, a very big thank you to all who shook tins and cajoled the public to part with their coins.